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SUBLOCADE Education Brochure

Key things to know about SUBLOCADE.

Medication Guide

Summary of safety information about SUBLOCADE.

Spanish Patient Brochure

Key things to know about SUBLOCADE (Spanish).

Transition of Care for Patients

This brochure provides an overview of the information and processes associated with Transition of Care Support for enrolled patients.

Counseling Brochure

Learn about options and get prepared for a session.

INSUPPORT® Copay Assistance Program

Learn how the savings program for SUBLOCADE works.

Treatment Journey Brochure

Tips and questions to help you stay motivated and focused.

INSUPPORT® Copay Assistance Brochure for Patients

This brochure provides detailed information about the Copay Assistance Program for SUBLOCADE.

Patient Alert Card

This card can inform healthcare providers in emergencies.

Patient Alert Card

If you are receiving treatment with SUBLOCADE, download and print this Patient Alert Card and keep it with you at all times.

In case of a medical emergency, healthcare providers may ask for a person's medical history to help choose the appropriate medication. This Patient Alert Card will let healthcare providers know if someone is on buprenorphine extended-release. For a person on SUBLOCADE, it is important to instruct a family member or friend to, in the event of an emergency, inform the medical staff that the person is physically dependent on opioids and is being treated with SUBLOCADE.

Download Patient Alert Card

Find a buprenorphine treatment provider

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency (SAMHSA) also provides treatment information. Visit the SAMHSA website to find a facility near you that can provide treatment based on patient-specific criteria. Download steps for using SAMHSA's 
Treatment Services Locator

For more information on how to find a facility, call INSUPPORT® at 1-844-467-7778.

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